Virginia Tech Leaf and Ladle

Offering tasty meals on the lighter side, Leaf and Ladle uses a combination of bright colors and various textures to bring contemporary design to Virginia Tech’s West End Market in Cochrane Hall.

The Leaf & Ladle kiosk at Virginia Tech’s Cochrane Hall food court is one of the most popular for its healthy and delicious soups and salads. Built in 1997 as part of the first food court-style university dining services in the US, it was in need of rejuvenation and updating to better accommodate new food offerings and increased traffic.

The challenge of working within the same 450 SF area with circulation on all sides inspired us to re-think the service counters in such a way that allows for both more generous work surfaces and increased internal circulation. State-of the-art lighting, bright colors, and various textures bring contemporary design and an updated look and feel for a campus-favorite food venue at Virginia Tech.