Historic Renovation (1820s) of the Compton-Bateman House

Originally built in the 1820’s, Villa Heights is a historic landmark in Roanoke. Restoration Housing acquired Villa Heights in 2017 with the intentions of breathing new life into the vacant, severely damaged property.

Some of the updates included: reconstruction and repair of roof, west façade, and rear single-story porch, in-kind restoration of all salvageable historic materials, recreation of elements too severely damaged to save, and installation of all new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. This entire scope of work was performed with a gentle touch to provide modern office space while respecting the historic fabric of the existing building; these efforts resulted in the award of historic tax credits.

The rehabilitation of Villa Heights was made possible by a combination of public, private, and community investment and now serves as a vehicle for dispensation of public services, as well as reinvigorating the community and catalyzing future investment. From being listed as one of the most endangered historic sites in 2013 to an addition to the National and State Registers of Historic Places list, Villa Heights is already making a greater impact on the surrounding community that some never thought possible.